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Hipkickers ~ Soothe & Move

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Hipkickers ~ Soothe & Move! The Hipkicker is an easy to wear unisex undergarment that provides warmth and support to the lower back area during sports and activities. It is specifically designed to be discreet and comfortable with an integral pocket to hold a heatpad. This helps with soothing lower back pain and general wellbeing. The Hipkicker is made from a soft cotton washable fabric, and with no bulky fastenings you will hardly notice that you have it on. Wearing the Hipkicker with the pocket positioned at the front or back provides a range of benefits including; Lower Back Support, Relaxation & Wellbeing, Stomach/Period pain relief, Pre/post Exercise Support, Postnatal cover up and all round warming!

Grace's Notes
Perfect Wellbeing product all round!

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