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Maryan Mehlhorn Swimwear

  • Maryan Mehlhorn® Swimsuits, Bikinis & Kaftans

    Maryan Mehlhorn® swimwear is one of the most luxurious brands of beachwear you'll find today. Innovative, exclusive, unique and versatile – these beautifully tailored collections are both sexy and elegant.

    Designed and manufactured in Germany, Maryan Mehlhorn looks beautiful, fits perfectly and is a pure pleasure to wear. The designers are carefully curated and the materials are perfectly selected, which make the best quality swimsuits and bikinis, as well as the most up-to-the-minute fashion pieces such as kaftans. Featuring carefully selected colour combinations and a choice of sumptuous fabrics, the Maryan Mehlhorn swimwear range features pieces ranging from simple, elegant, chic designs to eye catching prints on a range of great bra size swimwear garments. 

    "Look Your Best At The Beach" International Lifestyle Beachwear with a perfect fit. Maryan Beachwear Group is the cup specialist in the field of beachwear. With hidden helpers, performance interiors and a comprehensive range of shapes and cuts, the collections set the standards for functional beachwear.

    Maryan Mehlhorn is part of the Maryan Beachwear Group which also includes Lidea and Charmline. The Maryan Beachwear Group, Murg, provides intensive cooperation with its retail partners, because they value the interaction with their customers that quality retailers provide. From small specialty retailers with a full fashion range and a sizeable swimwear department. Amazing Grace Lingerie is now a Maryan Mehlhorn Partnershop offering a full range of swimwear. As well as bikinis and traditional swimsuits, we also stock Maryan Mehlhorn kaftans, pareos (great to wear on or off the beach), dresses and tunics. Many of the pieces in the Maryan Mehlhorn collection form part of a set, so you can choose a bra size bikini or bra size swimsuit with an accompanying pareo or kaftan for a coordinated look from and to the beach or just choose individual garments.

    Sizing Your Maryan Mehlhorn® Swimwear

    The way Amazing Grace has sized the bra sized swimwear is explained below: Firstly the size is in UK bra sizing, then the dress size and then bra cup size. For example 36E / 16E is a UK (GB) 36E bra size, a UK16 dress size with an E cup. Do email or call us +44 (0) 1428 654016 if you are still unsure and we will be happy to help.

    Caring for Your Maryan Mehlhorn® Swimwear

    Here is how you keep your Maryan Mehlhorn® swimwear beautiful. Chlorine, sweat and minerals are aggressive enemies of fine elastane fibres. After every use, wash your swimsuit with a gentle detergent and rinse it clean. This treatment maintains the elasticity and wrinkle-free fit of your garment. Or you can machine-wash it every once in a while, delicate cycle – in a lingerie bag. Do not spin-dry underwired models. It is almost a sin to leave quality swimwear lying around wet and crumpled or worse, in a plastic bag. Elastane models are quick-drying and best air-dried in the shade. Direct sunlight or contact with a heater make the fibres brittle. Do not tumble dry the garment!

    Use sunscreen before putting on your swimsuit – and let your skin absorb the lotion for at least 20 minutes (as recommended by cosmetics experts). If you reapply the sunscreen on the beach, try to avoid direct contact between lotion and swimsuit. Apart from possible stains, the cosmetics also affect the fibres. With proper care, elastane models keep their shape very well. But the popular whirlpool and massage jets are poison for your swimsuit. If used for a long time, the high water pressure affects the fibres and colours. They lose memory and resilience, as well as their perfect fit. Rough surfaces, e.g. rocks, can cause abrasion damage.



    Maryan Mehlhorn's own promotional swimwear video featuring some of the range from 2017 Collection including unique bra size bikinis and bra sized swimsuits and kaftans