Collection: Luxury Lingerie Sets

Wearing luxury lingerie sets can make you feel especially elegant and completely confident.  Treat yourself to matching bra and briefs from our designer lingerie brands or buy a lingerie set as a gift for that special someone in your life. Lingerie is the foundation of feeling and looking great and can make you ooze confidence you didn’t know you had – even if most people don’t see what you’re wearing underneath.  Amazing Grace’s luxury lingerie sets include feminine designs, lace sets, seductive lingerie and lingerie for every day wear. 

Stunning Luxury Lingerie Sets

We offer high class lingerie with next day delivery, buying from the finest designers from the top luxury lingerie brands. European lingerie has a history of hundreds of years of excellence whilst French lingerie has been regarded as the best in the Intimate Apparel Industry and the sexiest on the market.

 Whether you are buying for yourself for a special occasion or for everyday wear, our luxury lingerie sets offer something for every individual. Contact Amazing Grace on 01428 654016 or if you are cannot find the complete set or the size you are looking for.