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    As the Amazing Grace Lingerie team, we pride ourselves on buying the finest quality luxury lingerie brands from intimate apparel manufacturers across the globe. Our team of specialist fitters have over ten years’ experience, and our aim is to make ladies of all ages and sizes feel comfortable and confident in their underwear. We buy the finest quality products ranging from Marie Jo and Prima Donna with their superb fit and exquisite Belgian lace, Empreinte for its unique innovative design & fit and Aubade for their seductive sexy French lingerie sets, Huit 8 Paris for its superb fit on a smaller bust and new French sassy designs. Heidi Klum for the younger lady, however we find all ladies love it for its delicate cuts.

    We buy various styles to suit all busts, with the experience to know what style fits what type of breasts. Our bras are generally made with over 40 different components, compared with typical high street brands with just 15, no wonder we have so many satisfied customers! Van de Velde are made up of 45 components each. Why expensive lingerie? ~ You pay for what you get, and we believe in the best quality the lingerie industry has to offer!

    Grace's Notes are our personal guide to help you buy the right products for yourself. We would always recommend a personal fitting in our boutique, however busy lives make shopping for lingerie online a must. Please do call Grace on 01428 654016 or email prior to buying or if you need a different size or style and would appreciate some expert advice.

    We can also order more Sizes, Colours & Styles from all our Designer Lingerie Brands!

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