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  • We are all about our personal and professional lingerie styling and bra fitting service. With sizes ranging from 30 backs to 44 and A cups to J cups, including plus size accessories. A full-cup bra is a form-fitting undergarment that women wear to support their breasts. Bras are a complex garment made of many parts, and manufacturers' standards and sizes vary widely worldwide. Prima Donna bras are made up of 45 components compared to an average of 15 on the high street, they are at the top of the intimate apparel industry with over 150 years experience. The style of bras vary from designers and to mention just a few styles are full cup underwired, plunge, push-up, lace, balcony, half-cup, padded, strapless...The sizing systems and methods of bra-measurement vary to such an extent that even professional fitters can disagree on the correct size for the same woman. To be measured professionally is very important and we would always recommend our personal professional complimentary service. Once you have been fitted then in this fast world we live in just order your lingerie on line for next day delivery. Manufacturers mass-produce bras as ready-to-wear garments and size them to fit standard, idealized, female torsos. Women's breasts may sag, vary in volume, width, height, shape, and position on the chest, and up to 25% of women's breasts are visibly asymmetrical. As a result, it can be difficult for women to find a bra that fits them correctly, and 80–85% of women wear an incorrectly sized bra. Styling as well as sizing can make a huge difference. Changing social trends in some Western cultures allowing bras to be seen and novel materials have increased the variety of available designs. Some garments, such as swimsuits, camisoles, tank tops and backless dresses, have built-in breast support, alleviating the need to wear a separate bra. Bras were originally designed with the primary function of supporting breasts but have become a fashion item with cultural significance. When a young girl gets her first bra, it may be seen as a rite of passage and symbolic of her coming of age. Some feminists consider bras a symbol of the repression of women's bodies...For any none bra wearers, try our non wired bras or camisole. 

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