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Lingerie is a lot more than just a bra and knickers; it’s garter belts, chemises, balconettes and camisoles and more. But even more importantly, it is the foundation of what women wear – whether people see it or not! It is the first thing you put on and last thing you take off everyday and the right lingerie has the ability to make women feel empowered, feminine, confident and comfortable - all rolled into one. But not all lingerie is made the same. Lingerie can vary dramatically in its quality from brand to brand. Fit, cheaper fabrics and longevity are just some of the ways that may signal the difference between high quality lingerie and cheaper lingerie. 

The age old saying is true here – quality over quantity wins when it comes to lingerie.  Our blog unveils the value of luxury lingerie and why buying high quality luxury lingerie is really worth it!

Differences between low and high quality lingerie 

Design and Manufacturing Process 

Simple patterns, rushed stitching and frayed edges can show a lack of attention to detail which can indicate a lower quality item. Whilst simple patterns and designs can sometimes be effective, luxury lingerie will often feature intricate patterns and creative styles that have been created by designers over a longer period of time. Designing and manufacturing quality lingerie is a rigorous process often involving couture techniques and innovative technologies. Take designer lingerie brand, Prima Donna as an example. From design to manufacture, true luxury lingerie takes 18 months to produce – with real women involved at every stage. This ensures quality and fit is second to none – even testing straps to reduce slipping and inspecting each piece.

High quality lingerie can feature 45 or more components per piece and is largely crafted by hand. Components include neckline, lower cup, upper cup, under band and straps; with high street lingerie said to only feature about 15 components.

When it comes to low quality or cheaper lingerie, the aim of the game is to produce replicated items for as low a cost as possible so attention to detail is not a priority. As a result of this, garments will not necessarily be like for like if it means more time needs to be spent on ensuring they are exactly the same.

Cheap lingerie often equals mass produced meaning that there is no longer exceptional quality in every aspect that makes for a luxury product!

History & Craftsmanship 

In addition to aesthetics, how well lingerie is made further signifies quality. High-quality brands have extensive histories in the textiles industry and are often well-established lingerie manufacturers. For instance, Andres Sarda began life as Sarda and produced lace mantillas in the late 19th century before moving to producing lace for other areas of fashion using their well-established expertise.

Aubade Paris was created in 1958 by a corset specialist and developed a line of lingerie that was no longer bound by the requirement to provide physical support and thus used it as a weapon of seduction. Their extensive history in lingerie manufacturing has given them the expertise to produce high-quality luxury lingerie.

These are just two lingerie brands that put craftsmanship at the heart of what they do and it exists deep within the foundations of their history. This passion and history translates to lingerie creations that are premium in design, fit, comfort and support.  Why not look into the history of the brand next time you buy lingerie?

Exquisite Materials and Fabrics Used 

There is no better feeling than wearing lingerie that feels as good as it looks on your skin. Cheaper fabrics and materials don’t provide the same level of softness and comfort and can often irritate the skin compared to more expensive variations. Luxury lingerie brands spend considerable time sourcing and testing their fabrics and yarns to ensure exceptional product quality. Look out for materials such as satin, silk, lace and soft muslin that may indicate high-quality when buying your next lingerie set.

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Fit, Comfort and Support

It is estimated that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size but even wearing the right size doesn’t guarantee comfort and support.  Low quality lingerie often lacks support and doesn’t provide comfort in the right places and underwire may even pop out unexpectedly. Make sure you are regularly fitted! Brands that care about the fit of their lingerie will spend lots of time on the laborious process of getting the fit right which require many tweaks before they get it just right.

In addition to this, luxury lingerie brands possess an eye for detail; designing and creating pieces with aspects such as stretch, padding and cut all carefully considered to ensure premium comfort and fit for the perfect silhouette.

Whilst high quality lingerie will offer fit, optimal comfort and support, to ensure you buy lingerie that fits you perfectly, we always recommend being expertly fitted by a lingerie styling expert at least once a year. Amazing Grace offer professional styling and sizing services in our Surrey lingerie boutique, near London. 

Quality that Lasts

Whilst high quality lingerie may come with a higher price tag, the value is in the fact it is made to last! If you find yourself having to run out and buy new lingerie because the colour has run in the wash or threads have come loose after just a couple of wears, it may be time to invest in luxury lingerie that will last longer if you follow the care instructions on the label. Amazing Grace styling experts are happy to guide you on caring for your fine lingerie.

For yourself and for others 

Buying and wearing high quality lingerie can make you feel empowered and feminine. There is joy in shopping for luxury lingerie that can enhance your confidence on the inside and out, whilst your partner can also appreciate your purchase! 

Stockists of High Quality Lingerie Brands  

Amazing Grace carefully select lingerie brands – only stocking the very best quality lingerie from brands that offer true luxury.   

Explore our luxury lingerie collections online or visit our Surrey lingerie boutique for a closer look at the quality of materials and details for yourself.






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