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Lingerie Française Lingerie Mon Amour Mysterious Ballerina

The Paris Lingerie Show 2017 and Amazing Grace Lingerie was there!

Thank you to Aubade Paris for our invite
On planning our third trip to Paris to do our Autumn Winter buy at The Salon International Lingerie we were asked by Aubade Lingerie if we would like to go to the French Lingerie Show 'Lingerie mon Amour' with Champagne reception ~ tough job but someone has to do it!

Lingerie and Paris are two words that are synonymous
For the first time ever the French Lingerie Federation, and its department for export development had organised by 'Promincor - Lingerie Française (the Association for the Promotion of Corsetry Industries) together all the International famous French Designer Brands to put on a lingerie fashion show. They created a theme that is synonymous to the words lingerie and Paris, with Parisienne romanticism as its theme 'Lingerie, Mon Amour'

The Lingerie Show is performed
Arriving at the Pavilion Cambon, situated between the Ritz Paris and Maison Chanel, we were seated with a perfect view of the catwalk and awaited the overture of the 14 musicians to which brought to life the symphony of French Lingerie Haute Couture Show. Lingerie Mon Amour ~ This unique and unprecedented show choreographed around 4 large paintings and portraits of the iconic Parisienne: a 2017 version of Marie-Antoinette, a mysterious ballerina, a New Look lady and a dandy girl!

2017 Marie-Antoinette
In a boudoir and baroque spirit a tribute to Marie-Antoinette, one of the first women to liberate herself from her corset.

Mysterious Ballerina
Evokes virginity and innocence in a pure form of Couture bride or iconic and romantic Giselle.

New Look Lady
Parisian New Look, chic and mischievous with a curved waist, reveals the most dramatic black finery. Exuberant feminine sensuality with aspects of Voguing or striptease

Dandy Girl
Modern with fatal attitude, magisterial look and quasi-military march highlights sophisticated lingerie.

Not only were the French Designer Brands we sell Aubade and Empreinte on show but twelve more major brands and five emerging designers. The show Couture spirit bought together tradition and modernity, classicism and audacity viewing the rich textures in guipure, lace and silk. It gave us affirmation that our choices at Amazing Grace Lingerie are as up to date with any luxury lingerie boutique.

Lingerie Mon Amour - View the whole show here

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