How to Choose the Right Lingerie and Christmas Gifts for your Wife or Partner

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How to Choose the Right Lingerie and Christmas Gifts for your Wife or Partner

Top Tips for Choosing Lingerie and Christmas Gifts for Wives and Partners

1. Choosing a Lingerie Set

Choosing the right lingerie set can be especially confusing but for those Gentlemen whose partners have previously shopped at the Amazing Grace boutique in Haslemere, Surrey then we will have a detailed record of a customer’s individual bra sizes, styles, brand preferences and favourite colour choices. By coming in to the boutique and with this information to hand the Amazing Grace team can quickly select a range of suitable lingerie, we can also mix and match sets and provide additional gift item ideas such as our wonderful new poncho range. We do this whilst still encouraging a husband/partner to make own choices so we will carefully lay out all items for a full visual experience. We spend as much time with each customer whilst choosing as they need.



 2. Pressed for Time

For partners who are pressed for time or who may not want only lingerie gift ideas then we do have a range of other fabulous gifts that can be bought online or straight off the shelf in store.  Such as our Taubert ~ Helsinki Ballerina Slippers, or Dressing Gowns and Robes in various colours, and fleece or fur styles to suit all sizes and ages. Proving very popular we also have our 100% wool poncho’s designed to be versatile when crossing from nightwear to daywear.

3. How to Choose Lingerie

For partners who are buying lingerie as a one off item then we suggest customers carry out a bit of homework to start with and have a think about what lingerie your wife or partner regularly wears and noting the colour or style, is it lace or is it smooth fabrics for example. It can be so easy to choose sexy lingerie that is not suitable and become a disappointing gift, so getting to know a little about your partners existing lingerie style will give you a head start in choosing the right gift. We will be guided by you and the staff will choose a various selection that we will lay out for you to see and visualise. By seeing all of the suggestions items together will give you the ability to buy with confidence.

4. What if the Lingerie does not Fit?

Once a gift is opened at Christmas and the lingerie does not fit like a glove, then we are always happy to change items, change sizes and even carry out a size refit to ensure we exceed customer’s expectations. All this is done free of charge and no receipts or proof of purchase is necessary. It’s done on good faith as it’s essential to us that we maintain the excitement of that Christmas gift and our customer experience at all stages of the process.

5. Christmas Shopping as a Family Outgoing

Christmas shopping can be a family affair and visits to Haslemere town on a Saturday will often include children of all ages. Amazing Grace is proud that it’s a family owned business and children are most welcome. As a family please come in and browse the shop and if you want advice then one of our assistants will be there. We even have some lovely new gift ideas for Mum such as our beautiful Helsinki slippers or rustic cottage shoes.

6. Complimentary Gift Wrapping 

Gift wrapping is free of charge and available on all items. In order that our customers can walk out of our boutique knowing that they have Christmas all sown up then we offer a personal gift wrapping service. All online purchases come gift wrapped as standard and for those in-store purchases it’s carried out while you are still in the shop and it completes any purchase with a luxury finish.



7. Buying Christmas Gifts Remotely

For remote working and for those customers who live further afield for example or who have left things to the last minute then we are always happy to help and advice over the telephone. Please feel free to call us and we shall assist you. Our online store also allows customers to view our full range of products and purchase them from the comfort of their own home. In doing so you can also take advantage of our gift wrapping service and flexible postage services.

8. Gift Vouchers 

For those who are really undecided but who also want to take full advantage of our wide range of offerings such as nightwear, gorgeous swimwear, luxury lingerie, even wedding lingerie then we have Gift Vouchers available. Your wife or partner can then come in and choose their gifts at leisure and they may even be able to buy extra items by taking advantage of our January Sales! Gift Vouchers can be bought online as well as in store.

9. Customers Outside of the UK

For customers outside of the UK we offer a very reliable flat rate postage service at just $15.00 (£12.50) which includes insurance. You can also take advantage of our Complimentary Gift Wrapping service at the same time. If you are late ordering and to make sure your posted items are going to arrive in time for Christmas please feel free to email one of the team at, or call +44 (0) 1428 654016, or come to our boutique in Haslemere, Surrey.

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