How to Care for Expensive Elegant Lingerie

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How to Care for Expensive Elegant Lingerie

We care about your lingerie and so should you! Underwear is an essential part of our everyday routine, in fact it’s the first thing we put on every morning. We would hope you’d want your lingerie to last as long as possible, especially if the price tag suggests so. Therefore a little tlc is needed. Our lingerie care advice will help look after your elegant lingerie and maintain it’s longevity, shape and quality that you invested into at the start There is no special trick; just a little time and patience will do it. 

Care Advice for Elegant Lingerie  

Handwashing Lingerie 

Time to get hands on with your high class lingerie! We don’t all have the time of day to hand wash our lingerie, we know. It takes a little more effort then just putting it into the washing machine and hoping for the best. 

However, to maintain its quality and elegance, handwashing is the best method to care for your lingerie as you’ll be able to preserve the softness and shape, with an added hint of fragrance. 

By using soak detergent, you and your lingerie won’t be exposed to any harsh chemicals so the quality will be maintained. Simply, soak your bra for a few minutes in lukewarm water, with handwashing detergent, and then gently washing the solution through the material before. rinsing with cool water and hanging to air dry.

Delicate lingerie items that are sheer, and lacy with a lot of ornamentation need to ideally be washed by hand, along with bras that have any type of gel padding. The washing machine cycle could cause leakage, which will end up ruining the fabric and shape of the bra.

You’ll want to preserve the colouring, design and comfort that the high class lingerie promised at the start so always try to hand wash. It’s not too much hard work and by far the best, most sustainable way to go about caring for your elegant lingerie!

How to Machine Wash Lingerie

Whilst handwashing is the preferred option, it may not always be possible if you have a busy schedule. So here is your second best solution for caring your lingerie: a mesh lingerie bag and a washing machine! 

Gather the lingerie into a mesh wash bag to protect the items from other fabrics in the washing machine. Set the machine to 40 degrees, as anything colder won’t wash through thoroughly. Put a delicate wash cycle on with a gentle detergent and when it’s complete simply hang up and leave to dry, ideally away from direct sunlight.

Some tips - never put your lingerie in a dryer as heat will break down the fabric’s elasticity which you want to preserve. Also, wash light coloured lingerie separately to maintain the colour.

Looking after your Luxury Bras

Luxury bras can have up to 50 components so they do need to be looked after carefully. In the same way you’d care for your favourite designer dress, you need to care for your lingerie, if you want to preserve quality and longevity.  

We’ve all been guilty of just throwing all our laundry into one wash, not thinking twice, wringing it out dry and repeating the cycle. As experts recommend, changing your bra after 2-3 wears is perfectly acceptable therefore you don’t need to be washing your bras nearly as often as you may think. Yes, the bottom halves need a daily change but not the bras we’re desperately trying to preserve here.

However, how you store your bra can have a huge affect on how the quality is maintained. Most ladies fold one cup into the other, defying the shape of the bra and shorting its lifespan. With luxury bras it’s advised to lay each item down in a large enough drawer, tucking the cups into each other, without folding it in half. Just spending that few seconds longer can save your bras life and longevity!  

Sturdier bras are fine to go into the washing machine, as well as sports bras however take care to follow the instructions on your washcare label. Just make sure the padding is removed and dried separately 

On the other hand, wired bras should be washed by hand as the wire can break if twisted too much. A wire digging into your bust can never feel comfortable.

Pay Attention to Lingerie Labels 

Wash care labels are there for a reason even though most of us totally ignore them!

You need to understand exactly what your lingerie needs before you just assume how they should be cared for and end up damaging your beautiful items.  From silk to satin to lace, luxury brands use many various high quality materials in their lingerie designs so instructions on how best to care for your lingerie are likely to vary. The tag will play a big part in caring for your high class items so be sure to read it and follow it to keep your lingerie as good as new.

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Luxury lingerie is totally worth it and so is the care that goes into it. At Amazing Grace we stock the finest quality lingerie ranges from Marie Jo, Prima Donna , Empreinte and Aubabe and other select designers; all known for their superb fits, innovative designs and unique exquisite materials.

We aim to make you feel and look your best, with personal fittings available in our boutique where further expert advice can be given on how to look after your elegant lingerie. Explore our luxury lingerie online or  you have any questions or want to book a fitting appointment with our friendly specialists, don’t hesitate to call us on 01428 654016 or email us on

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