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New Lingerie Model Myla Dalbesio shows off PrimaDonna Lingerie ~ Ode to Curves!

Posted on January 13, 2017 by Emma Green

Ode to Curves - New PrimaDonna Lingerie Campaign has a new face, Myla Dalbesio, showing how to embrace your curves!

Meet Myla Dalbesio! ~ "Im a model. I'm an artist. But first of all, I'm a woman. A natural woman with curves. Curves that used to make me doubt myself, now they make me proud."

PrimaDonna Lingerie, who have been dedicated to empowering women's curves since 1865, has recently launched the glamorous Ode to Curves campaign.

It takes you 10 seconds to feel the perfect fit. It takes us 18 months to create the perfect bra. We spend this time on 1 design and countless details. This bra is manufactured carefully to embrace your curves and to uplift your natural elegance. It will support you like no other bra has ever done before. Enjoy. Not for 10 seconds or 18 months, but for many years to come.

Why Amazing Grace has grown in strength with PrimaDonna Lingerie!

With such a luxurious designer brand as PrimaDonna Lingerie, how could we go wrong? 11 years ago, when we launched Amazing Grace Lingerie, we didn't realise what we had come across. But from day one, we have had PrimaDonna Lingerie within our boutique and grown alongside the brand. The craftsmanship that goes into each item is a work of art, and to see a 'New' lady that has not worn the designer brand before is an overwhelming joy! The saying to 'fit like a glove' springs to mind. If you have begun to dislike bra shopping, when you feel the fit and get the correct style that suits your shape, it will change your shopping habits for life! We honestly see ladies walk out of the boutique 2 inches taller, as well as flaunting their now wonderfully defined curves! Looking to the near-future, we are excited to see what the new collections will bring!

"Ode to Curves, to me is about empowering women. Inspiring them to embrace their body; to feel strong." ~ Myla 

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