Marjolaine… Why Wear Silk?

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Marjolaine Double Corset Back in slate grey

 The Marjolaine Brand

The Marjolaine brand has been creating award winning luxury lingerie and nightwear for the past 70 years. It is a French family owned business offering a wide range of beautiful lingerie and nightwear items. Its success is in part due to the materials used, from finest silk to hand made lace and in part due to retaining hand finished manufacturing techniques and in its luxury styles and designs.

The Amazing Grace boutique has been supplying customers with Marjolaine lingerie and nightwear for a number of years and our customer feedback has always been the same. Once a customer has worn Marjolaine silk for the first time and they have delighted in the feeling of the silk against their skin, it becomes a firm favourite and a permanent item in the wardrobe.

Why Wear Silk?

From ancient times silk has been treasured as something special. The merchant trading route from China and the East through to Europe and the Middle East was named the Silk Road such was the importance of this precious item. Silk has been on a par with precious metals and gems in terms of luxury for much of history. It is still special and yet you now have the opportunity to experience it everyday.

marjolaine silk in slate grey

The sheer luxury, look, feel and style of any Marjolaine product not only becomes a must have item for any woman but is very popular as a gift item and at this time of year of year it makes an ideal Christmas Gift. In our boutique we can help guide husbands and partners to select the right Marjoliane item and we also provide a free gift wrapping service. The Marjolaine range is made from 100% silk and its fit and feel against the skin is unparalleled. The silk garments come in a range of beautiful deep colours.

Marjolaine Silk Butterfly Chemise

One of our favourite pieces is the beautiful butterfly chemise. This is both beautiful and flattering, allowing you the option of pulling in or loosening out the ribbons to tailor the item to the shape of an individual feminine body. It really is a stunning lingerie item that suits a wide range of different women’s sizes. 

Where To Buy Marjolaine 

The Amazing Grace boutique offers a large range of items and sizes from the Marjolaine Lingerie collection and we hand pick a range from the brand each season. We can also order items for any customer requests. We pride ourselves on our large selection and we assist all our customers to help them go home with that perfect fitting item.

Once a customer has worn a Marjolaine silk negligee, they never look back.

Need any advise or need to speak to one of our team members then please contact us here at, or call +44 (0) 1428 654016, or come to our boutique in Haslemere, Surrey.

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